The Company

EFKLIDIS CRETE S.A., established in 2007 with corporate seat in Chania, Crete, is an Engineering societe anonyme registered in the Register of Societes Anonymes and in the Technical Chamber of Greece. The company has been awarded 4th class contractors’ certificate with Register of Contractors’ Enterprises Number 19342, this allowing it to take part in major public work tenders in Greece.

Its activities include:

  • Road networks
  • Ports Works
  • Building Works
  • Plumbing Works
  • Industrial Installations

It is worth noting that the company enjoys autonomy in producing asphalt mix in its privately-owned plant, including in the production and distribution of concrete of all types in privately-owned facilities in Kolymvari, Chania.

One of our fundamental commitments is to staff our company with experienced and fully-qualified personnel, focusing on the timely and high-quality implementation of our projects.

All features above have made EFKLIDIS CRETE S.A. one of the leading companies in its industry that further has the potential to expand beyond the current physical range of its activities.

Currently, the company is expanding its activities, it is establishing its business presence in foreign countries with careful and systematic steps and it is pursuing a strong position within the international arena of developmental and engineering constructions.